Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday's are good days to talk about books

Because I'm an author, and because I want to be a successfull author, they say (whoever they are - though it seems they are a very wise and astrute group) that I must be willing to step up to the podium and help sell myself and my books. Okay, I can do this. I just need to post this. Then, the magic wand will appear, and POOF!!. Everyone will directed to my post. They will read what I have written, and want to buy my book. How hard can it be? Right??

Though I know that's not going to happen, if - on the other hand - I don't post, no one will read about my books. So I shall give it my best shot. Please let me guide you through the synopsis of my third book "Pages From the Past."

A synopsis: Betsy Braden was raised in a home where patriotism and knowledge of the Constituation were manditory. Now, many years later, she writes a weekly article on these very subjects that appear in national newspapers. But, with the sudden death of her husband, John, Betsy struggles to find meaning in her life, and her articles cease to appear. Finally, one year to the day after John's death, her mother says to her. "Betsy, it's time for you to get a life. Today would be a good time to begin."

Betsy does get a life with the purchse of a Golden Retriever Puppy she names Dorado. Once an understanding is formed between the two, they become inseparateable and, one day while on their daily walk through the woods that separates her home from her mothers, Dorado begins to dig. What he finds and places at Betsy's feet, is her dead husband's watch. Shocked, she examines the dark stains and dirt that has encrusted themselves on the watch, and becomes painfully aware that her husband did not die from natural causes. He was murdered.

Suddenly, clues begin to appear as if they were meant to be discovered at this point in time - clues left behind by John, himself. Clues that lead Betsy, Dorado, and her family, to uncover a mysterious, scientifically, high-tech plot to secretly remove all that America stands for, and it is imparative that they unravel the clues before John's murderer discovers what they are up to. Along the way, Betsy learns of the secret life her husband led, and a few secrets her mother hides, as well.

Okay. All done, and I thank you for visiting my blog this lovely Monday.


Sheila said...

Nice blog today! ;) I do have to say, I am so glad it isn't Monday again. I have been having a very hard week and just need the week to be over with.

Jewel's Gems said...

Ooooh, sounds like a good one. I can't wait to read it:-)

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