Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sometimes Life Doesn't Live Up to Its Expectations (Or did I already mention that?)

Does life live up to your expectations? That is my question. I expected to sleep good every night because one needs their seven hours of sleep. But I find myself waking up far too early every morning wondering what ever happened to sleep as I once knew it. Sleep . . . to rest body and mind. To be without ordinary consciousness. To slumber, to snooze, etc.

For some unknown reason it simply disappeared from my pillow a few years ago and the mystery as to its whereabouts remains a mystery to me. I used to be able to sleep through the night without a single eye-twitch. Now if there's five hours between the awakened state, I'm estatic.

Ah! But there's an upside to this mystery. One gets a lot done between the hours of 4am. and 8 am. Take this morning, for example. I have printed out a manuscript, posted my writer's blog and attempted to fix the little floater in the toilet. I checked my e-mail then, took a break from this blog long enough to go for a walk and do my Qi Gong exercises, and now I'm back.

Maybe there is meaning in this madness. . . . . wait a minute, I'm thinking. . . . . turning it over in my mind . . . Ahaa, I do believe I've found the answer. Did you know that the imagination wakes up long before our eyes open? (well most eyes anyway). That between 4 am and 8 am creativity is at its best? Is there anyone out there that can dispute this theory? I hope not because it sounded so good inside my head. All in all I've decided that life does live up to its expectations, we just have to awake to realize it.

As Edna St. Vincent Millay put it.

My candle burns at both ends
It will not last the night.
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends,
It gives a lovely light.

Oh, one more thing. I hope you noticed my book covers that I also added this morning. I wish there was a way to make them more creatively placed but I don't think this blog program will let me do that.

Thank you for visiting my blog and please come again.

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