Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And the Winner is . . . . . ..

I want to thank all of you who stopped in and visited my blog and entered your name for a drawing of "Apples for Sale" a 18 x 24 print of the original oil painting.

I started painting when I was about 34 years old. My siblings were all artistic and I decided if they were, so could I be, so I took myself seriously and began to paint and found out that I loved it.

Okay, enough of that. Now to choose the winner. I put all the names of a piece of paper and then cut them out. Then I mixed them all together and closed my eyes, choosing one. And the winner is ....... VICKI FIRTH.

Congratulations, vicki. If you'll e-mail your address to bjarnold@infowest.com, I will get it in the mail to you, tomorrow.


Jewel's Gems said...

Congratulations, Vicki!
Now if I can just control my covetous thoughts:-)

Valor - Day to Day said...

Congratulations, Vicki. JoAnn's artwork graces the walls of my home too and it is always inspiring. You are going to love having her work hanging in your own home.

Vicki said...

This was the perfect Anniversary gift for us, as yesterday was our 36th!

Vicki said...

Thanks so much Joann. I got it in the mail already! It was here when we got home yesterday. I am very excited to get it framed and put up! It is so beautiful!

JoAnn Arnold said...

So glad it got there safely. Happy that you are pleased.

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