Saturday, October 3, 2009

Book Review of By Love or By Sea

"By Love or By Sea" is a romance novel written by Rachel Rager

This story begins in a small dress shop owned by Alice Lind Frank's grandparents, where the cantankerous old woman, Betsey Winters is complaining to Alice about the price of the dresses, among other things. That same day Alice passes a rather ragged looking sailor on her way home. Just the glimpse of his face brings back a memory of a boy named Calab who she loved when she was only six years old - a boy lost at sea as a young man. This sailer and catankerous Betsey Winters both play vital roles in the romantic novel, "By Love or By Sea."

To add action to the story, the wealthy, arrogant, shipyard owner, Clarence Hielott, expects Alice to marry him, though he has yet to propose. Once he finds out that Calob has returned, he also finds that Alice is infatuated with the sailer. But Clarence knows secrets of Calab's past and when he realizes what is happening, he defiantly discloses every secret to Alice, determined to turn her away from the young man and into his arms.

As you read this book, you will appreciate how Rachel has developed her characters. surprisingly Cantankerous Betsy Winters becomes one of my favorite. I also applaud Gace, Alice's friend, who gives her some timely advice, standing by her throughout this tramatic and emotional experience. Needless to say, I dislike Clarence -

It takes a few minutes to get into the book, but once you do, you'll become infatuated with the story, the characters . . . oh yes, and the pirates. Ah! now I have really caught your attention, haven't I.

I can promice that you will enjoy reading "By Love or By Sea." You can buy Rachel's book online from Cedar Fort Inc. and

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Elizabeth Morgan said...

She has so much suspence added with the differnt characters in the story. I love your review.

Amy De Trempe said...

Sounds great and you gotta love pirates :).

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Rollicking! I'll pick it up as soon as I see it!

Becki said...

Sounds so intriguing!!
tbkress1 at msn dot com

Rachel Rager said...

JoAnn, Thanks for such a nice review! Thanks for doing this! I hope you had fun too!

Rachel Rager said...

Oh, and Shirley, if a store doesn't have it on their shelves, just ask for it and they'll get be able to get it in!

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