Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fractured Light - Author Rachel McClellan

Hi, Today I'm review a new book written by a new Author, Rachel McClellan. Though this book is a YA Paranormal, even adults will find themselves taken in because the book is so well written. It literally captures you right from the beginning and keeps you spellbound to the end. I found myself intrigued by the characters, visualizing the twists and turns of danger that enveloped them--the battles between the those of Light and the forces of darkness. Let me give you a taste of this story--hopefully just enough to cause your curiosity to compel you to read it. The main character, a teenage girl named Llona, is blessed with a special gift given to her by her mother--the gift of light. With this powerful gift she finds it difficult to blend in with those around her--to be a normal teenager. She finds herself destined to be an Aura, like her mother. Quickly, Llona learns that where there are Auras, their enemy, the Vykins, are not far behind determined to destroy all Auras. Through the dark shadows of fear, Llona learns to use this light, not only for her own protection but for the protection of others, as well. There is a romantic side to this story that blends in so perfectly. once again I have to say that this intense, amazing story will come alive for you, the reader. Don't miss out.


Jewel's Gems said...

Sounds great! I'm adding it to my list:-)

Karen said...

Once again you have piqued my curiousity about yet another 'really good book', so naturally I want to read it right away. I loved 'Conversations With a Moonflower' and I thank you for recommending it to me.

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