Friday, January 20, 2012


I know I'm a day late getting back to this giveaway. That said, I'm excited to get on with the winners of the the Giveaway. But, first, I want to thank all who participated. I truly appreciate your support. After all re preceding preparations preparations, I decided that it would be fun to give away one of each of my books. Then a question popped into my mind saying: "Oh, but so many liked Journey of the Promise, couldn't you give two of those away?" I sighed and answered, "of course, why not."

 So, after that in-depth explanation the winners are:

   Primarymary is the winner of "Prince Etcheon and The Secret of the Ancient"

KSR Writer is the first winner of the "Journey of the Promise." 
Simply Kayla is the second winner of "Journey of the Promise."

Katie Amanda is the winner of "Miracles for Michael"

Truewinner is the winner of "The Silent Patriots"

Unknown is the winner of "Pages From the Past"

 Once again, thank you all for stopping by my blog. Hope to see you again soon. Have a great day.

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