Monday, July 16, 2012

"The Lost Stones" Written by Paul Rimmasch

I didn't know what to expect when I started reading, "The Lost Stones." What I found was the amazing story in store for me. Once I began to read, it was difficult to put it down, which I only did once.

Not only was I captivated with the story but with the research Paul had done  in order to bring this story alive. And, though the characters are fictional, the topic is not.

A young man named Ammon Rogers served his country in Irag, giving him a great deal of experience in combat literacy which, by the way, he was very good at. In his experience with The Book of Mormon, however, his literacy was elementary.

After returning home from Irag, he begins his education at BYU. Now, at BYU every student takes Institute. His attention in class is as elementary as his knowledge until one day his professor is talking about the brother of Jared and Ammon suddenly becomes curious, and he asks a question his professor can't answer. That question leads his professor to introduce Ammon to an Archaeologist by the name of John Byrd, a man who  takes Ammon on a dangerous adventure of a life time to find the stones the brother of Jared had delivered to the Lord to give them light.

John shares his knowledge with Ammon, knowledge that had, for years, been hidden away. Quite by accident Ammon finds himself face to face with Sariah, the daughter of John, who decides to join them in their quest.

Unknown to the three there are those who don't want them to find anything of the sort. Enters the Accident Man.

Now, I will tell you no more because I want you to find out for yourself what happens. You won't be disappointed.

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