Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Review Dacome Files - Battle for Arcanon Major. Author: Alexandra May

The Lost Dacoma Files is a book that, once you start to read it, will take you on an amazing journey in the life of Halika Dacome - in the 71st Dynasty of Capiok Dacome - Ruler of Xiryathan.

Hmmm, am I taking you into the future or the past? Interesting question that I'll allow you to answer for yourself when you read this captivating story.

Though Halika is the daughter of a King, at the age of 16, she becomes a warrior in a world of ongoing war. She is given the role of Legion Overlord which fits her natural instincts and skill. Not only is she unafraid to face the enemy, she is also compassionate and caring about those who serve beneath her.

Alexandra brings Halika and the main characters alive in the mind and imagination of the reader. She has presented an intriguing book of science fiction.

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