Friday, June 13, 2014

Seeds of Faith - Written by Dan Barker

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Seeds of Faith

Written by

Dan Barker

In reading this book I found that Joseph Smith was not alone in his calling to restore the Gospel to the earth. Many were inspired through personal revelation, heavenly manifestations and simple dreams to find him . . . to listen to him as he bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel . . . to feel of his spirit as he taught them the things they needed to know so they could stand with him.  

This was an inspiring book to read. Many of the stories are similar in the revealing of their experiences that sent them on their journey to find the prophet.

Also in reading this book I found the names of my own ancestors:  Zera Pulsipher, Lyman Sherman and Levi Hancock.  

I believe all who will read this book will find it to be well worth their time.

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Jewel's Gems said...

Sounds like a good book. I'll have to check it out. Thanks:-)

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