Monday, July 20, 2009

Review of Altared Plans by Rebecca Talley

While on vacation, I read Rebecca's book, "Altared Plans". I have to tell you that, in the beginning, when I read the synopsis, I knew I was out of my genre. No deep mystery to unravel. No SiFi exploration or adventure, and I said to myself. "Mmmmm."
Then I opened to the first page and began to read. My Mmmm, turned to a Ahhh, and I was captured.

Almost immediately I wanted to smack Justin in the face. How could he leave this beautiful young woman, who wanted nothing more than a happy marriage, waiting at the doors of the temple while he flew off to marry another?

I read every chance I got because I wanted to know what life had in store for Caitlyn because Rebecca had, with emotion and humor, delivered each chapter
in a way that kept the reader hooked and entertained.

I immediately liked Caitlyn's best friend. Brittany. I loved her sense of humor and her wisdom. I liked Travis, though there were times when I wanted to give him a quick knock to the side of his head when he left Caitlyn wondering, guessing, and yes, even confused.

But you see, It's emotions like these what keep the reader reading - wanting to know the rest of the story because each character is so well defined that they come alive in the reader's mind.

When we got to Omaha, our granddaughter, McKenzie, who is 12 years old, asked if she could read the book. I told her she could, and that when she finished, I wanted her to write her own review.

McKenzie's review: "I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! It was very cute and clever. I couldn't put it down and evern when I did, I wanted to pick it right back up. I loved how the author made it, in a way, sort of funny. It was heartwarming and fun."

Thank you, McKenzie, for your review. And, thank you Rebecca for writing such a witty, emotional and enchanting book.


Rebecca Talley said...

Wow, thank you so much, both of you, for your reviews. I really appreciate and am so glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you!!

Rebecca Talley said...

I really appreciate "it."

Becky said...

This book sounds like it would be right up my alley. Thanks for the review!

Jessica Arnold said...

Grandma! I have a blog now so I can follow yours too! Love you!

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