Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Class of 61 Reunion and Wrinkles

A few weeks ago I wrote about wrinkles and how they are a part of God's plan. Today, I think I need to inform you that they are vital to those of us over 50 - for they are a sign of tremendous knowledge, of great and wonderous experiences as well as sad and humbling experiences that have left their mark through the wrinkles that have come to stay.

Today I want to talk about aging wrinkles and ageless friendship.

On July 2nd, The North Emery High graduating class of 1961 met at the Holiday Inn in Price, Utah, for a dinner and a get-to-know-you-again social. There were, I think, 34 classmates out of a graduating class of 57, in attendance. (Ten of our classmates have passed away). This was only our 5th reunion in 48 years.

Were there wrinkles? Oh, yes!! Lots of them. But what beautiful wrinkles. Were there smiles? Wonderful smiles, arranging those wrinkles around the mouth into cascading emotion. Were there memories? There were hundreds - maybe even thousands of humorous, tender, gloriously amazing memories. And what did we do? We laughed and we talked. We took pictures and we reminised. It was a night none of us will ever forget. It touched our hearts to the extent that we are already planning our 50th.

As I write this, tears form in my eyes and I can't seem find the words that describe the emotion I feel. But I can tell you this; our friendship has survived the years. It has stood the test of time.

I want to end this post with a poem.

Each wrinkle tells its story. Tis one that cannot lie.
for it's engraved and polished, but could someone tell me why,
It made itself so soon at home in the corner of my eye?

Not that I'm complaining, mind you, But this one wrinkle is not alone.
Instead, it has invited many others, who have also made themselves at home.
Around my eyes. In the corners of my mouth. Across my forehead they are sewn.

I have decide that tomorrow when I wake up and my mirror shows a stranger there,
With wrinkles multiplying rapidly, I shall simply tell myself I do not care.
For I have earned them, every one, and I will wear them proudly. So there!

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