Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book Review of "The Cleansing of America" by Cleon Skousen

I can't explain the depth of emotion that filled me as I read "The Cleansing of American," only that it gave me a sense of peace . . . a feeling of calm during the storm, so to speak. With all that is happening in our country, today . . . the turmoil, dishonesty, half truths and complete lies, I found on the pages of this book - truth, and the promises of truth.

Just reading the topics discussed in each chapter brought an emotion of anticipation and the need to learn more - to read each chapter with a sense of knowing and understanding.

It was book I couldn't put down without its message clinging to my thoughts. I finished it in two settings and have begun reading it for the second time. It is a book that will help all who read it understand more about our Nation, our lives, and our responsibility to God and to Country.

Mr. Skousen takes his information from the scriptures as well as words and revelations of the prophets, both ancient and modern. He doesn't suppose what he can not prove.

At the end of the book, Mr. Skousen writes of a vision given to Charles D. Evans. I want to take just a paragraph from that vision and share it with you. The Angel said: “Look again.” I looked and beheld that many who were angry with the rulers of the Republic, for their subversion of the Constitutional Law, and their wholesale plunder of the Public moneys, arose and proclaimed themselves the friends of the Constitution in its original form . . .

I ask you, isn't that what is happening now . . . today?

Take the time to read this book. What it will teach you will give you a greater understanding of our country's future and our future, as well as the future of our children. Don't miss out.

Thank you

JoAnn Arnold


Krith said...

Sounds like a great book. I'm going to have to go and find it!

Karen said...

I love your review of Cleansing of America. I want to get a copy and read it and share it with my family.
I love reading all your reviews. Makes me want to get busy and do more reading myself

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Skousen's books are terrific. I'll definitely pick this one up. Thanks for telling everyone about it. :)
Hope to see you at the conference.

CL Beck, author: MormonMishaps said...

Good review! I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for posting it!

Paul said...

Thanks JoAnn for your very kind comments. Dad labored so hard to capture so many abstract and sometimes buried gems to try to piece together the Lord's outline for the last days. I once asked him his definition of a mystery. He said, "A mystery is something the Lord has already revealed, we just haven't found it yet." I liked that! He loved to go find the gems. Thanks for all the goodness your doing, --Paul Skousen

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