Monday, December 20, 2010

Book Review - "No Going Back" by Jonathan Langford

Today, I'm doing a review of "No going back". This book is LDS fiction and aimed toward young adults. It's author, Jonathan Langford, takes a subject that can be very controversial, and brings to life, the emotional pain caused by it's reality.

"No Going Back," tells the story of a 15-year-old boy named Paul,who finds himself attracted to another boy his age. He is active in his church and wants nothing more than a normal life, a temple marriage, and a family. He finds himself confused and frightened. Though he endures the torment of some, he also feels the hope and faith of others who stand by him, giving him the strength to fight this battle.

Interestingly enough, Several years ago I read a true story written by a man who found himself in the same situation. He wrote about the pain it caused him when he realized his situation. I wish I could remember the name of the book because it literally brings fiction and non-fiction together in a way that gives answers to the questions that thunder inside Paul.

In the non-fiction book, the man tells how he battled against the desire. How, through faith, prayer, fasting, and studying the scriptures, he overcame the desire and was happily married and had a family.

What I found disturbing was the fact that when his book was published, the gay community went after him, verbally and physically, to the point that even his life was threatened. They didn't want to believe that it was possible to overcome something that so powerfully directed their lives.

In "No Going Back" Jonathan brings to the reader, an understanding of what a young man (or young woman, for that fact) might have to deal with when faced with this deeply controversial reality.

I want to thank Jonathan for letting me review his well-written and compelling book.

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