Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book Review - "The Wishing Hour"

The Wishing Hour
Written by Jewel Adams

Today, I'm reviewing "The Wishing Hour", by Jewel Adams. When I started reading this book, I found it to be one that I could simply relax and enjoy.

In the first pages, we read about Celine Anderson who, as far as she knows, is alone in this world, having lost all who were related to her. But what she doesn't know is that close by, a immortal named Sebastian, watches over her and protects her from the Urchin army of Lord Derth, the dark creature who wants to take her life for reasons of his own.

As the story unfolds, Sebastian introduces himself to Celine, explaining his responsibility to her. The next pages are filled with their journey to Sebastian's home, hidden from the world of mortals.

Celine learns the beauty and comfort of unconditional love given her by Sebastian, and she, in return, falls deeply in love with him. She finds that she had been given a special gift that will prepare her to fulfill an ancient prophesy - a prophesy Lord Derth can't allow her to fulfill.

I won't tell you anymore because I think you should read the book for yourself and find out what really happens. As I read this story, I felt as if I was reading a beautiful fairytale. It's well written and I want to compliment Jewel for her wonderful talent and thank her publicly for allowing me to read and review "The Wishing Hour"

Thank you, Jewel.

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Jewel's Gems said...

Thanks so much, JoAnn! I'm glad you liked it:-)

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