Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Open Fire" by Scott Hurst

"Open Fire" by Scott M Hurst is one remarkable story. It is written in a way that makes you feel like your watching it happen as you read it. We all know the name J. Golden Kimball. We've all heard some of the stories, but Scott Hurst has captured the emotion and the humor that describes the cowboy, the missionary, the  man of God, who never wavered. His humor is expressed as well as his love for God. I got caught up in this book and I couldn't let go until I read the last page. Now, because I enjoyed it so much, I've ordered my own personal book. I've told other people how good it is, and my mother can hardly wait to read it, herself.

I give this book five stars.


Anna del C. Dye said...

Sounds like a great story and well written book, JoAnn. Thanks for the heads up.
Anna del C. Dye
for clean tales of Elfs & Romance

Rock Lightning said...

JoAnn, thank you so much for your kind review. I am so glad that you enjoyed it. It was a great opportunity for me to share Golden's story. There is so much more to the man than just his, um, "colorful" language.

Scott M. Hurst

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